Project [IRAS] Intelligent Reservation & Allocation Solution


December 2015

29th December 2015

I started developing the web portal create and edit promotion functions. I started by using a template and started working from there. I asked Wei Tian to help me with the images as I need to insert it into the categories I created. We communicated via Facebook.


29th December 2015

I spend the past week trying to develop the user profile for the mobile using Xamarin. When there is a bug in the system, I find it hard to pinpoint the problem. After some trial and error I was able to overcome it. I continued developing the booking and registration function.

Group Meeting Minutes 7

Final Year Project Meeting Minutes 7

Venue: Empire Subang, Tours Le Jours

Date: 7th December 2015

Time: 3:00pm – 3:20pm

Participants: Jacqueline Tan Suet Ping, Alan Chow Wing Lun, Yap Wei Tian

Absent: Jax Lee Loong Sheng


The group roughly revise the details from the last checkpoint and discussed about the task before the semester break. Jacqueline was assigned to develop the mobile app using Xamarin, Wing Lun was assigned to do the documentation and Wei Tian was assigned to update the blog and assist Loong Sheng and Jacqueline if they need any help. The group decide if there were any questions the members will communicate via Facebook.

The next meeting is to be confirmed.



7th December 2016

Jacqueline gathered a last minute meeting before we go back to our hometowns. We talked through the details from the last checkpoint, listed down the request from Mr Ken and the task was distributed to the members. Since we will be in our hometown during the semester break, Jacqueline decideds that she can start developing the mobile part first if she were to need any assistance from us, we will try our best to cooperate.

7th December 2015

We had a last minute meeting before the semester break starts. I was assigned to work on the documentation and also to assist Jacqueline and Loong Sheng if they needed any help.

7th December 2015

I was not able to make it to the meeting as it was decided last minute. However, I was informed by the members I was assigned to develop the web portal. The reaming members can assist me when I needed any help.

7th December 2015

Since it is after finals, I was able to gather a quick meeting for our semester break starts. It was a last minute decision and Loong Sheng was not able to make it. We quickly ran through all the details from the last checkpoint and distributed task for us to complete during the semester break. I was assigned to develop the mobile application while long sheng is to develop the web portal. Wei Tian and Wing Lun will be on hold if either of use needed any assistant and also working on the document. Wei Tian is also assigned to update our progress in the blog.

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