Project [IRAS] Intelligent Reservation & Allocation Solution


January 2016

29th January 2016

In the past week, I help Jacqueline edit images for the mobile application. Since the code is with her, once I finish adjusting the size, I’ll upload and send it to her via Facebook. From there, she’ll try to fit the images I edited. I have also updated all the members’ diary and the meeting minutes to the blog.


29th January 2016

I have completed the functions for create and edit promotion, create and edit staff. I’m working on the booking time slots in the booking functions. I have search online for reference on how they construct and arrange the data for the booking function.

27th January 2016

I started arranging all the icons and pictures into the screen. Adjusting all the pictures into the rights places. I asked Wei Tian to help out with adjusting the image to the right size using Adobe Photoshop. We communicated through Facebook and WhatsApp.

15th January 2016

We had a meeting via Facebook 3 days ago. The purpose of the meeting is to update each other about the progress of each other’s work. I was assigned to assist Jacqueline and Loong Sheng to help them prepare the material they use in for the user interface. For example, icons and images. We will be communicating through Facebook for file transfer.

15th January 2016

This meeting is conducted through Facebook. The purpose is to update everyone on their progress of their tasks. I am working on the user manual for the mobile and web portal. Besides that, I have also created the class diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram and the activity diagram.

15th January 2016

All of us had a meeting via Facebook 3 days ago. The purpose is to update each other their progress on their work. I raised some question regarding about the functions in the web portal. All of us discussed and help me came up with a solution for it.

Group Meeting Minutes 8

Final Year Project Meeting Minutes 8

Venue: –

Date: 12th January 2016

Time: 5:00pm – 5:43pm

Participants: Jacqueline Tan Suet Ping, Jax Lee Long Sheng, Alan Chow Wing Lun, Yap Wei Tian


This meeting is conducted via Facebook to update each of the member on their progress on their work. Jacqueline and Loong Sheng are still developing the functions for their part. Wing Lun is working on the user manual for the mobile application. Wei Tian has updated the meeting minutes and the member’s diary to the latest. Some question were raised during the discussion and all the members discussed and tried to come up with a solution.


The next meeting is to be confirm.

12th January 2015

Today we had a short meeting via Facebook to update each other about their progress. Loong Sheng raise some questions regarding the development of the web portal and the members discussed and help to come up with a solution. Since I needed to edit some photos and buttons for the application, I have asked Wei Tian to assist me.

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