Project [IRAS] Intelligent Reservation & Allocation Solution


February 2016

General Meeting Minutes 9

Final Year Project Meeting Minutes 9

Venue: INTI Library

Date: 24th February 2016

Time: 2:45pm – 4:00pm

Participants: Jacqueline Tan Suet Ping, Jax Lee Long Sheng, Alan Chow Wing Lun, Yap Wei Tian


All members updated what they have done over the past week. Jacqueline and Loong Sheng presented their work to the group. They explain the flow and what they have been working on now. For the mobile, most of the functions are done, Jacqueline is working on placing the application into and Android phone. The group review both of the system and checked if we have missed out any main functions listed in the project specifications. Wei Tian is assisting both parts for helping them to prepare images for the application and system. Wing Lun has created a survey online to gather information for the documentation. He let us scanned through the questions before he posted online.


The next meeting is to be held next week.


19th February 2016

I updated the blog with the latest minutes and the members’ diary as well. I have created a word file to compile all the minutes and diary.

19th February 2016

I read through all the completed parts I have in hands and compile it into a single file. All the diagrams and meeting minutes are attached together. The document is not complete due to we haven’t not done with the user manual and the testing reports. I created some survey questions to gather information of the users.

19th February 2016

The booking functions is nearly completed. I started on the duty roster and resource planning functions. However, I was not able to grasp the concept of displaying the data we way we discussed in the meeting. I tried to find references online but there was not many. The functions was put on hold and I continued with the other functions.

18th February 2016

I have completed the booking, registration, user profile, main pages. There was a problem when I try to install the application into an Android phone. The application would not launch once install. I tried finding a solution online however it still remain the same.

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