Final Year Project Meeting Minutes 15

Venue: INTI Library Discussion Room

Date: 23rd May 2016

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:02pm

Participants: Jacqueline Tan Suet Ping, Jax Lee Long Sheng, Alan Chow Wing Lun, Yap Wei Tian


The group go through the details from the last checkpoint. Loong Sheng is working on the charts Mr Ken requested. The group needs to prepare a poster, leaflet and video for the project tradeshow in June. The group proceed to discuss about the information they want to put in the poster. The task of creating the poster, video and leaflet was assigned to Wei Tian. The testing report is still in the processing as the web portal have to make the changes requested from Mr Ken. The user manual for the mobile is complete, Wing Lun is working on the user manual for the web portal. The testing report for the mobile is completed, while the web portal is nearly done. It is put on hold as Loong Sheng has to finish making the adjustment Mr Ken requested. A draft of the poster and the video is expected to be done in the next meeting.


The next meeting is on 7th June 2016