Project [IRAS] Intelligent Reservation & Allocation Solution


Chow Wing Lun

17th June 2016

The date of the final presentation and tradeshow is confirmed. All the documentation and system is completed. The poster, leaflet and video needs a bit of adjustment, Wei Tian will be uploading to the Facebook group once she made the changes.


7th June 2016

After Wei Tian presenting the poster, leaflet and video, I updated the group that the testing report for both systems is complete. The user manual for the web portal is nearly complete. I will be scanning through and compiling all the documents once I have completed the user manual for web portal. The meeting minutes and diary of all members will be attached to the final document as well.

27th May 2016

After the checkpoint, I started on the user manual for the web portal and the testing report for the web porta is put on hold because Mr Ken requested some changes in the web portal. Until Loong Sheng has complete the web portal the testing report remains on hold. The complete testing report is complete and added into the final documentation. I have uploaded the document in to the Facebook group, updating everyone.

19th May 2016

Today was the last checkpoint with our client, Mr Ken. We updated Mr Ken the mobile application with the geo location functions and the web portal with the duty roster and resource planning. Mr Ken requested some minor changes on the web portal. Before the meeting ends, Ms Robina informed us that we need to prepare a final presentation and a project tradeshow in June.

12th May 2016

All of us had a meeting today to update each other before the checkpoint next week. The mobile and web portal is connected and everything working fine. We discussed and schedule to start working on the testing reports after the checkpoint.

27th April 2016

I requested Loong Sheng and Jacqueline to upload the screen shots of each functions to attach to the documentation. After they uploaded everything, I saved the images and insert them into the document, writing a brief description about it.

20th April 2016

I have been working on the documentation. The web portal and mobile application couldn’t link to each other during the meeting. Jacqueline decided to try to fix the bug she found while attempting to connect the web portal. Wei Tian has completed the logo of the project, she has uploaded into the Facebook group.

6th April 2016

Today we discussed about the project name and logo. All of the members tried to come up with a creative name for it. After some consideration, we have all agreed to name the project Beautify. The logo design was assigned to Wei Tian.

24th March 2016

Loong Sheng started by presenting the web portal to Mr Ken. Then Jacqueline continue with the mobile application. Mr Ken gave us some feedback based on what we have presented and requested some changes in both systems. Besides that, he suggested that all of us come up with a project name and logo to represent the project.

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