Project [IRAS] Intelligent Reservation & Allocation Solution


Jacqueline Tan

17th June 2016

We will be visiting the client on 20th June 2016 for the final presentation and the project tradeshow will be held on the 24th of June. The systems and documentation are all finalize. Wei Tian is doing a few more touch ups on the poster, leaflet and video for the project tradeshow.


26th May 2016

The testing report for the mobile is complete. All of us need to prepare for the final presentation on the client side and the tradeshow. The designing of poster, leaflet and video is assigned to Wei Tian. I suggested to put a bit of business selling point into the poster to make it more attractive.

19th May 2016

Mr Ken wanted us to make some adjustment on the charts and status in the web portal. The mobile application is completed. Ms Robina informed us that we need to prepare for a last presentation for the client and also a project tradeshow. The group needs to prepare a poster, leaflet and video to present the project.

12th May 2016

I updated the mobile application status to the group. All of us have scheduled to start the testing report after the third checkpoint with Mr Ken. All of us double check every detail of the system and also making sure the designs are synchronized.

3rd May 2016

I met up with Loong Sheng today to try to connect the application and system. After a few attempts, we were able to successfully connect them. We did a few testing on our own and all the function is working properly.

20th April 2016

In today’s meeting, I tried to connect the application to the web portal system. The connection was not working properly and we were not able to connect. After a few attempts, I found out there was a bug in the mobile application. We discussed about the problem and I suggest to go back try to fix it. Wei Tian presented her logo idea.

12th April 2016

In the past week, I focus on developing the geo location feature in the mobile application. I have also changed the colour theme of the mobile application to a purple and grey theme.

6th April 2016

All of us had a meeting today, we talked about the changes that Mr Ken requested for both the mobile and web portal. Loong Sheng was confuse about some of the elements in the web portal. All of us discussed and helped him out. One of the requests is to come up with a project name and logo. After some consideration, we have decided to use Beautify as the project name. The logo is assigned to Wei Tian design.

24th March 2016

During the checkpoint, I presented the mobile application to Mr Ken. I started my explaining the flow of the program then continued to explain each page icons’ function. I am still working on the search by location function in the application. Mr Ken requested to change the wordings in some of the pages. Before the meeting ends, he asked us to come up with a project name and logo.

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