Project [IRAS] Intelligent Reservation & Allocation Solution


Yap Wei Tian

17th June 2016

I presented the poster, leaflet and video to the group. After some discussion, we decided to make a few changes on all 3 of them. I will be updating them the changes through Facebook.


7th June 2016

During the meeting, I presented the poster, leaflet and video that I was working on. All of us think that it would be great if we design the poster like we are selling a product to a consumer. A few changes need to be made for all three of the elements.

27th May 2016

I was assigned to design the poster, leaflet and the video for the tradeshow in this coming June. I went online to find some references as I have no idea how to start designing a poster. After looking through a few poster, I started drafting out my ideas and convert them into my computer. I will be using Adobe Illustrator for the poster and leaflet and Adobe Flash with video editing software for the video.

19th May 2016

We had our last checkpoint with Mr Ken today. The meeting started by updating all the requests he made from the last checkpoint, geo location for the mobile, duty roster and resources planning on the web portal. We were told to prepare for a tradeshow in June and a final presentation for the client.

20th April 2016

I have been updating the meeting minutes and the members’ diary into the blog. In today’s meeting, I presented the logo I have been working on the past week.

16th April 2016

In the past week, I assist Loong Sheng to change the design of the web portal to make it synchronize with the mobile application. First, I drafted out the design and labeled all the colour code and icons for him. I sent him the draft and explain to him what changes I made to the design.

8th April 2016

I was assigned to create the logo for the project. With the project name Beautify, I design a beauty related logo for the project. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw the logo by referring to some images I found online.

24th March 2016

After the presentation on the web portal and the mobile application, Mr Ken gave us some feedback. He mention that we should change the design of the web portal making both the system look synchronize as it will give an impression that both system are for different purposes. Besides that, he also suggested to add a geo location search in the mobile application if we had the time.

17th March 2016

We gathered for a meeting today to have a final update on all the parts from the members before the checkpoint with Mr Ken and Ms Robina. The application and web portal is gone through page by page to make sure there were no errors or spelling mistake in it.

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