Project [IRAS] Intelligent Reservation & Allocation Solution

12th May 2016

All of us had a meeting today to update each other before the checkpoint next week. The mobile and web portal is connected and everything working fine. We discussed and schedule to start working on the testing reports after the checkpoint.


12th May 2016

Today’s meeting is to finalize and check everything before the checkpoint with Mr Ken. All the functions were working well. The designs for the mobile and web portal is also checked to ensure they are synchronize.

12th May 2016

I updated the mobile application status to the group. All of us have scheduled to start the testing report after the third checkpoint with Mr Ken. All of us double check every detail of the system and also making sure the designs are synchronized.

General Meeting Minutes 14

Final Year Project Meeting Minutes 14

Venue: INTI Gallery

Date: 12th May 2016

Time: 11:17 am – 11:45pm

Participants: Jacqueline Tan Suet Ping, Jax Lee Long Sheng, Alan Chow Wing Lun, Yap Wei Tian


This meeting is to allow the members to update each other on their progress before the checkpoint. Jacqueline and Loong Sheng have met beforehand to work on the connection for both of the system. Both the system were able to connect and the functions are running as intended. On the other hand, the designs for both the mobile and web portal is synchronized. The group discussed and schedule to work on the testing report for both the system after the checkpoint. If there were any request of changes from the client during checkpoint, the group can quickly amend it and start with the testing report. The following are some screen shots for the mobile and web portal.




Main Page


Booking Conformation


User Profile


Web Portal:



Promotion Overview


Duty Roster


The next meeting is on 19th May 2016 (Checkpoint 3).


4th May 2016

Yesterday I met up with Jacqueline to fix the connection of the web portal and mobile application. We did not succeed at first. After trying a few more times, we were able to make the connection. Once the connection is made, we tested out on the functions.

3rd May 2016

I met up with Loong Sheng today to try to connect the application and system. After a few attempts, we were able to successfully connect them. We did a few testing on our own and all the function is working properly.

27th April 2016

I requested Loong Sheng and Jacqueline to upload the screen shots of each functions to attach to the documentation. After they uploaded everything, I saved the images and insert them into the document, writing a brief description about it.

20th April 2016

I have been updating the meeting minutes and the members’ diary into the blog. In today’s meeting, I presented the logo I have been working on the past week.

20th April 2016

I have been working on the documentation. The web portal and mobile application couldn’t link to each other during the meeting. Jacqueline decided to try to fix the bug she found while attempting to connect the web portal. Wei Tian has completed the logo of the project, she has uploaded into the Facebook group.

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